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Tasty Air Fryer Fried Chicken and More

Air Fried Tenders

Fried chicken has to be one of the top favorite foods to eat all over the world. It's easy to make and enjoyed by everyone! The good news is that you can help lower calories by cooking authentic fried chicken in an air fryer and still get delicious results.

Whether you like your air fryer fried chicken with fries, mash potatoes,  mac n' cheese, coleslaw, or corn on the cob, you can enjoy the blend of crispy coating, scrumptious blend of spices, and soft succulent chicken without adding lots of grease.

Southern Fry Kings make it even easier for you to enjoy your air fryer fried chicken by taking away the hassle of mixing the perfect blend of spices.

Their original creole chicken fry batter gives you the perfect New Orleans spices and that all-important crispy crunch that makes fried chicken so tasty.

Air-Fry Vs. Deep Fry?

Air Fried Chicken Wings

Of course, using a deep fat fryer may give you an extra little crunch but you have to compare this against the extra calories it will add to your meal compared to using an air fryer.

Plunging your chicken into grease means that your delicious chicken pieces absorb more oil. Air frying requires little or no grease to be added meaning you are cutting the calories enormously and protecting your health.

The other benefit of using an air fryer is convenience and safety. No need to wait for the oil to heat up. You can simply pop in your prepared chicken and set the timer. You don't have to watch over the chicken while it cooks, leaving you more time to prepare the delicious side dishes or catch up on your favorite Netflix show.

The final benefit of using an air fryer is that there is very little clean-up. Cooking air fryer fried chicken means just a simple wipe off the air fryer pan with no pot of hot oil to deal with.

How To Make Air Fryer Fried Chicken

Air Fried Chicken

It is the simplicity that makes air fryer fried chicken so convenient. All you need to do is place your choice of chicken in a beaten egg and then dip it into a batter. Next, place the chicken into your air fryer at 390 degrees for 25 minutes.

To make this even easier use Southern Fry Kings New Orleans chicken fry batter. It is lovingly seasoned with the perfect balance of spices to give you the finger-licking taste and crispy crunch you desire. Dip and air fry. No hassle, no recipe required, and almost no preparation.

It is better to use chicken pieces with their skin on. If you are using chicken without skin, you may want to add a spray of oil but otherwise, there will be enough fat in the skin to keep the chicken tender and moist.

The best way to make air fryer fried chicken is to buy a whole chicken and cut it up yourself to get a balance between tender and juicy chicken pieces.

How Long Should I Cook Air Fryer Fried Chicken

Air Fried Chicken Tenders

Most chicken pieces will take about 25 mins to cook in an air fryer. The cooking time will depend a little on your choice of chicken. The size of the pieces and their thickness may require you to extend the cooking time depending on your air fryer model's instructions.

  • Chicken thighs - Chicken thighs may take up to 28 minutes and you will find they are more tender if cooked at a higher temperature if your air fryer allows you to choose.
  • Chicken breasts- You don't want to overcook your chicken breasts so 25 minutes should be perfect. This way they will retain all of their juices and not dry out.
  • Chicken tenders and wings - Chicken tenders and wings in an air fryer may take as little as 15-16 minutes to cook, depending on their thickness.

An air fryer works by circulating air around to give an even cook. You should ensure that there is some space between your chicken pieces to give the ideal crispiness.

The Best Air Fryer Fried Chicken

Air Fried Chicken Wings

To eliminate the need for guessing what blend of spices you need you can use Southern Fry Kings batter. This will guarantee you the best-tasting air fryer fried chicken.

Choose chicken with skin for the juiciest pieces of fried chicken and make sure you don't overload your air fryer. Check your air fryer model instructions to see its maximum load and its recommended cooking times.

The best air fryer fried chicken will come out after 20 minutes ready to eat and mouth-watering but with crispy skin. It is unlikely that you will have any chicken leftovers as it is so delicious, but if you do, then simply place them into a container in the fridge. It is best to heat it up in the oven to ensure that the crispy coating does not burn.

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